I suggest...

new achievements

here is a list Ive compiled of suggested new achievements and their descriptions


Is it a bird?
You have jumped 25000 times!

In a single bound!
You have jumped 50000 times!


You have died 50 times

You have died 100 times


You have destroyed 50000 cubes

You have destroyed 100000 cubes

Cube catastrophe
You have destroyed 250000 cubes

Death God
You have destroyed 500000 cubes


Guide to the Galaxy
You have built 100000 cubes

Space Time Continuum
You have built 250000 cubes

God Creator
You have built 500000 cubes


Talk to the hand
You have banned 50 players

You have kicked 100 players


Trouble maker
You have been kicked 10 times

Public Nuisance
You have been kicked 50 times

Hazard County
You have been kicked 100 times


Time Out
You went afk for more then 5 minutes (did not build or destroy anything)

You went afk for more then 10 minutes


You have saved 5 screenshots

You have saved 10 screenshots

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    Zyonmkxq shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • CrafterBill commented  · 

        Rofl you should be able to mute players (from chat in game, etc) and when you do it 50 times you should get an achievment called: Shut Joe Mouth!

      • Zyonmkxq commented  · 

        for more info on this topic go to thread http://www.cubelands.com/phorum/read.php?5,958

        its just easier to update/edit existing posts on cubelands forums

        all additional updates will be made to my forum thread ONLY so please go to the link above for the latest updates

      • Zyonmkxq commented  · 

        obviously I have not added all the achievements that I have made, the screenshot is meant to be used as a concept so I wouldnt expect the final product to look exactly like this, this is more of just a template to inspire changes to the achievement system

      • Zyonmkxq commented  · 

        here is a screenshot demonstrating my concept, you see achievements are broken up in groups, achievements that you have yet to collect would be blackened out and say "not complete", in the top right hand corner you would have a rank based on your achievement points, achievement points would be earned by completing achievements, each achievement would be vauled on a scale from 1 to 5 depending of difficulty, and lastly it would display how many achievements you have obtained over how many achievements exist


        also please note that the final "dying" achievement is called zombie and shows 10 deaths when in the discription it is for 1000 deaths, this should be edited and fixed

      • Zyonmkxq commented  · 

        also since the added achievements would probably appear after the achievements you have already completed for example getting the achievement for 150 hours when you already have the achievement for 250 hours, I suggest we have an achievement page linked in our profile, it can replace the list of achievements that are displayed across the page and instead just be a link that directs you to an organized page of achievements grouped together by type, the ones you have completed will appear as normal and the ones you have not completed will be blackened out but will still show a place value for it and will be displayed once completed, I will make a screenshot shortly demonstrating this concept

      • Zyonmkxq commented  · 

        my idea is to eventually get the game up to 100 total achievements then have each achievement be worth a certain amount of points based on difficulty or time needed to complete them so cubelands can have an achievement based highscore table, there are currently 34 achievements ingame unless more exist without my knowledge and i have created around 35 new achievements, once there is a combined total of 100 achievements I will associate a numerical value for each corresponding to difficulty on a scale that will go from 1 to 5, 1 being easy 5 being hard, that will total up to a maximum amount of points obtainable, the highscores will list players from highest achievement points to lowest and in the event of a tie it will list the players in chronological order so that whoever obtained the most amount of points first will be listed first

        for example say that the maximum amount of achievement points is 350, and 5 players have completed all achievements, it would then list them in chronological order starting with whoever completed them at the earliest date and so on, in the possible occasion that two players completed the same amount of achievements on the same date it would then list them in hours played so whoever has played longer will be listed first

        edited this comment because of spelling errors XD

      • Zyonmkxq commented  · 

        a few more random achievements ive added

        Coup De Gras
        You have died 500 times

        You have banned 100 players

        I fought the law but...
        You have been kicked 500 times

        You have 25 friends

        Hall of fame
        You have 50 friends

      • Zyonmkxq commented  · 

        next batch of achievements dedicated to beginners who are just starting out


        Cubeland Rookie
        You have completed the tutorial

        Theres no place like home
        You have hosted a server for the first time

        You have played a game for the first time

        You have found the edge of the map

        One small step
        You found the height of the map

        You have found the depth of the map
        (last layer of rock)

        You fell from the height of the map to the bottom
        (make a pillar to the highest point then jump off while falling off the edge of the map)

      • Zyonmkxq commented  · 

        as said above 2 of these achievements may already exist, they are hosting 500 games and 500 hour milestone, I have done alot of research and looked over many accounts and to my knowledge no one has yet played 500 hours nor has hosted 500 games, the top 5 accounts listed as most played are either haxed/cheat accounts or do not have a total of 500 hours played so it is yet to be confirmed if either of those achievements currently exist

        also to further explain my time milestones achievements, there is a milestone for 250 hours played which is why it is not listed above (for players who did not already know this) and it is speculated that 250 hours is the highest time milestone currently available, to me it is a large and almost overwhelming leap from 100 hours to 250 hours, I thought it would only be fair to make milestones at intervals of 50 hours so that players do not get discouraged when they have worked along time without recieving any new achievements

      • Zyonmkxq commented  · 

        my latest addition to list of new achievements, note that 2 of the below achievements may already exist and if so I apologize, this will be further explained at the bottom

        Time Milestones

        150 hour milestone!
        You have played 150 hours

        200 hour milestone!
        You have played 200 hours

        300 hour milestone!
        You have played 300 hours

        350 hour milestone!
        You have played 350 hours

        400 hour milestone!
        You have played 400 hours

        450 hour milestone!
        You have played 450 hours

        500 hour milestone!
        You have played 500 hours


        Has hosted 500 games

        Achievement milestones

        10 Achievement milestone!
        You have earned 10 achievements

        25 Achievement milestone!
        You have earned 25 achievements

        50 Achievement milestone!
        You have earned 50 achievements

      • Zyonmkxq commented  · 

        you have to remember that the majority of the population is going to be a younger audience, advent video gamers and achievement hunters taking a break from their favorite respective consoles are going to want some kind of endgame type goal or advancement structure to measure their progress against others, this creates competition and increased intrest in the game, many gamers seeking admiration from their peers may purchase the game as to have an advantage over those who have not, (bragging rights) thus increasing capital, basic marketing stragedy brought to you by Zyonmkxq =]

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